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Top Brands Offering clearance sale

What is clearance sale?

When there is a clearance sale at a store, it means the owners offer closeout products at heavily discounted prices to sell goods quickly and make room for new items. That is the clearance sale. Most customer know clearance sale even if they are not shopholic because people love to save money. And clearance sale is absolutely one of the best ways to help them buy high-quality goods with less money than usual. Retail businesses use clearance sale as a good promotion strategy which is perfect for both owners and customers. First, customers can access to nearly all kinds of products at a very low price point. Second, as owners, they take advantage of clearance sale to increase store traffic and sales.

How many kind of clearance sales ?

In order to reduce inventory and increase sale, many retailers would use clearance sale as a promotion strategy, especially during the season shifts. But have you ever noticed that how many kind of clearance sales are there? The answer is various because clearance sales are varied according to seasons, major holidays and some other timely factors. Traditionally, in June and July, there will be spring and summer clearance like Kohl’s spring clearance sale, REI spring clearance, and Macy’s summer clearance, etc. Besides, the fall and winter clearance sale often go on in January such as winter clearance sale at JCPenney.